PUBLISHED:June 23, 2010

The Research Triangle Area Chapter (the "RTAC") of the Association of Corporate Counsel Scholarship

The Research Triangle Area Chapter (the “RTAC”) of the Association of Corporate Counsel has authorized a scholarship to benefit a full or part-time student enrolled at any accredited law school operating within the RTAC’s territory (central and eastern North Carolina) who satisfies the eligibility requirements and selection criteria set forth below. The amount of the 2010 scholarship is $1,000.

Application Process
(Applications can be picked up in the Office of Financial Aid.)

Applicants must: (a) complete and mail an RTAC Scholarship Application, (b) furnish two appraisals by law school advisors or instructors, or a work supervisor who knows the Applicant well, and (c) provide current official transcript of grades.

All Applications, Appraisals and Transcripts must be received by September 30, 2010.

Eligibility Requirements

• Recipients must be full or part-time students of accredited law schools operating within RTAC’s territory (i.e., central and eastern North Carolina) who have completed at least one (1) year of law school.
• Recipients must maintain their part or full-time enrollment status throughout the academic year covered by their awards.
• Recipients must achieve a minimum 3.0 grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale) for the academic year covered by their awards. Awards may be withdrawn if recipients obtain less than a 3.0 grade point average for the academic year covered by their awards.
• Recipients must have achieved a minimum 3.0 grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale) in law school prior to the award.
• Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need and actively pursue other financial aid programs, such as federal and state grants.
• Recipients may not be on any form of academic or civic probation, suspension, or judicial reprimand.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated and selected on the basis of their:

• Academic records and grade point averages
• Demonstrated financial need
• Interest in the in-house practice of law
• Quality of answers to questions on the written application
• Recommendations
• Individual interview

Relatives of members of the Scholarship Selection Committee will not be eligible to receive scholarships.
Terms and Conditions Under Which the RTAC Awards Scholarships

Grant of the scholarship is contingent upon the Applicant’s timely submission of the Application, Appraisals, and Transcripts, and satisfying all eligibility requirements and selection criteria. The terms and conditions of the scholarships will be contained in a letter sent to the recipient of the scholarship, and shall include the specific purpose of the scholarship, its duration, the total amount of the scholarship, and requirements for providing mid-year transcripts and reports to the Board of the RTAC, including due dates for same. The recipient is required to communicate his/her acceptance thereof by letter to the RTAC.

Use of Scholarship Funds

Recipients may utilize the scholarship only for law school tuition and related fees.

Payment of Scholarship Funds

In lieu of paying scholarship funds to the recipient, the RTAC reserves the right to pay the scholarship amount directly to the recipient’s law school to be applied to defray the recipient’s tuition and related fees.

Recovery of Diverted Scholarship Funds

Where reports to the RTAC or other information indicate that all or any part of scholarship funds are not being used for the purposes of such scholarship, the RTAC shall be entitled to withhold further payments to the extent possible until it has determined that no part of the scholarship has been used for improper purposes. Before restoring further payment, the RTAC may request the recipient’s assurances that future diversions will not occur, and/or require the recipient to take certain precautionary measures to prevent future diversions from occurring.

If the RTAC determines that any part of a scholarship has been used for improper purposes, the RTAC may take all reasonable and appropriate steps, including legal action, to recover diverted scholarship funds or to insure the restoration of diverted funds and the dedication of other scholarship funds held by the recipient to the purposes being financed by the scholarship.