PUBLISHED:October 28, 2019

Stroud LLM '14 appointed to chair new N.C. Rules Advisory Commission

North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley MJS '18 has named Judge Donna Stroud MJS '14 to chair the new Rules Advisory Commission, created in September to recommend changes to court rules.

“We are working to bring our courts into the 21st century with new case management and electronic filing capabilities. It is an exciting time for our courts, and we must make sure that our rules are ready for this changing legal landscape,” said Chief Justice Beasley.

Chief Justice Beasley entered an order creating the Rules Advisory Commission on September 25. The commission, chaired by Judge Stroud, will immediately begin a comprehensive review of the Rules of Civil Procedure and will submit a recommended update to the General Assembly for adoption during the next legislative session.

The Commission will also conduct a review of the General Rules of Practice and submit proposed updates to the Supreme Court for adoption in 2020. The Commission will continue to monitor these rules of practice and procedure in the future as North Carolina’s courts continue to adapt to new technologies and changing needs.

The following members were appointed to serve on the Commission:

  • Judge Donna Stroud, Chair, Court of Appeals
  • Judge Paul Ridgeway, Superior Court
  • Judge Christine Walczyk, District Court
  • Pamela Hill, Clerk of Superior Court
  • C. Mark Holt
  • Michael W. Mitchell
  • John Rabiej
  • Kellie Myers
  • Mark Anderson
  • Andrew Tripp
  • Professor Trey Allen
  • Professor Ann Anderson