PUBLISHED:September 07, 2010

Translating International Human Rights Law: Housing Issues in East Jerusalem

Curtis Bradley
3 credits

This seminar will consider international and comparative law issues surrounding the construction and demolition of housing in East Jerusalem. In addition to a weekly class session, students in the seminar will spend their spring break in Israel assessing the legal issues in context, meeting with various interested stakeholders, and deepening their understanding through hands-on experience outside of the classroom. The students will also be responsible for preparing a substantial collaborative paper by the end of the semester. Grades will be based on class participation, extent of preparation for the trip, individual presentations, and contributions to the paper.

The spring break trip will be subsidized by Duke’s Center for International and Comparative Law, but each student will be expected to contribute $500 towards the cost of the trip absent a showing of financial hardship. There is an application process for admission into the seminar. To apply, send the following to Professor Bradley’s assistant, Erin Daniel, by 5 pm on Monday, September 27: (a) your CV, (b) your transcript, (c) a one-page statement of interest, (d) the names of one or more faculty references, and (e) a completed “Checklist and Affirmation” sheet. You can obtain the Checklist and Affirmation sheet from Ms. Daniel. All 3Ls and 2Ls, 1Ls enrolled in the JD-LLM program, and LLM students are eligible to apply. Although there are no specific prerequisites, some prior study or background relating to international law would be useful. Students selected for the seminar will be required to complete a Participation Agreement, which includes a waiver of liability.