Admin Law 2006: Administrative Law & Emergency Management | Risk Assessment & the Hazards of Hind...

Remarks on legislative work to improve emergency management and disaster response.

Administrative Law 2006: Administrative Law and Emergency Management | Risk Assessment and the Hazards of Hindsight

Recorded on March 24, 2006.

Conference title: Administrative Law and Emergency Management: Katrina and Beyond (Administrative Law Conference 2006))

Appearing: Matthew Adler (University of Pennsylvania Law School), Douglas Kysar (Cornell Law School) and Thomas McGarity (University of Texas at Austin School of Law), panelists.

Related paper: Matthew D. Adler, Policy Analysis for Natural Hazards: Some Cautionary Lessons From Environmental Policy Analysis, 56 Duke Law Journal 1-50 (2006). Available at:

Related paper: Douglas A. Kysar and Thomas O. McGarity, Did NEPA Drown New Orleans? The Levees, the Blame Game, and the Hazards of Hindsight, 56 Duke Law Journal 179-235 (2006). Available at: