AI in the Admin State | AI and Biomedical Resource Creation, Biopharmaceuticals and Digital Health

May 04, 2018

Moderators: Nita Farahany, Duke Law School, Duke Initiative for Science & Society Arti Rai, Duke Law School, The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law   Sameer Antani, NIH/U.S. National Library of Medicine John Daley, IBM Watson Health Julie Anderson Daughtry, IBM Watson Health Nicholson Price, Michigan Law Artificial intelligence (AI) is being employed in the private sector to optimize production processes, pricing, and other business functions. But apart from national security and law enforcement, productive uses in the public sector have received less attention, despite recognition that the administrative state's foremost challenges include efficient processing of ever-increasing amounts of data, and adapting to new information over time. Duke Law's Center for Innovation Policy, Duke Law's Center on Law & Technology, Duke Science & Society, and the Rethinking Regulation Program at the Kenan Institute of Ethics held a joint conference to explore promising uses of AI and the challenges they pose in administering diverse governmental functions involving science, technology, health and intellectual property.