Bolch Institute | Ribbon Cutting for the Bolch Prize Pedestal at Duke Law

On May 20, 2022, the Bolch Judicial Institute held a ribbon cutting celebration for the Bolch Prize pedestal installed at Duke Law School. The pedestal encases a glass shield — an enlarged version of the actual Bolch prize — with descriptive text and a list of all previous recipients. Appearing in this slideshow and taking part in the ceremony were:

Susan Bass Bolch, founder, Bolch Judicial Institute
Kerry Abrams, dean, Duke Law School
David F. Levi, director, Bolch Judicial Institute
Hon. Paul W. Grimm, incoming director, Bolch Judicial Institute
Peter J. Kahn, chair, Bolch Judicial Institute Advisory Board
Katharine Buchanan, associate dean of alumni and development, Duke Law School

More information about the Bolch Prize can be found at