Center for Firearms Law | Guns, Violence & Democracy: Panel 1, Guns & Democratic Governance

Our next symposium will be hosted at Harvard Law School on March 25, 2022 in coordination with the Harvard Law Review. The theme is Guns, Violence, and Democracy. The events of the past several years—including pandemic-produced uncertainty and economic instability, antiracism protests, and assaults on free and fair elections—have confirmed both the importance and the fragility of democratic institutions. The symposium will discuss the ways that violence shapes U.S. democracy, with an emphasis on the intersection between firearms and issues like voting, public protest, policing, race and privilege. We plan to address some of the theoretical, doctrinal, historical, and policy challenges at the center of this critical debate by drawing together scholars of diverse methodologies and perspectives.
Panel 1: Guns and Democratic Governance
This Panel will discuss the intersection of guns and democratic institutions.
Franita Tolson, USC Gould School of Law
Darrell A. H. Miller, Duke Law
Jacob D. Charles, Duke Law
Guy-Uriel Charles, Harvard Law School, moderator