DJCIL Symposium 2010: War Bound by Law | Targeting/Use of Force, Panel 2

A symposium addressing current and future developments regarding the detention and trial of persons suspected of terror-related activity; targeting suspected militants and non-state actors and the use of force; and comparative trends in related legal developments.

Recorded on January 22, 2010.

Panel titled: Targeting/Use of Force.

Conference title: War Bound by Law: Non-State Actors & the Law of Armed Conflict in the 21st Century (Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Symposium (2010))

Appearing: Scott L. Silliman (Duke Law School), moderator ; John B. Bellinger III (Former Legal Adviser to the Department of State), Eyal Benvenisti (Tel Aviv), Michael A. Newton (Vanderbilt), panelists.