DJCLPP Symposium 2011: Judicial Takings | Judicial Takings & the Courts

Panel discussion on judicial takings.

Recorded on February 04, 2011.

Panel titled: Judicial Takings & the Courts.

Conference title: Judicial Takings: Exploring the Boundaries of the Fifth Amendment (Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy Symposium (2011))

Appearing: William P. Marshall (UNC School of Law), Stacey Dogan (Bostun University School of Law), Ernest Young (Duke Law School) ; moderated by Jedediah Purdy (Duke Law School)

Related paper:: Stacey L. Dogan & Ernest A. Young, Judicial Takings and Collateral Attack on State Court Property Decisions, 6 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 107-134 (2011). Available at: