Duke Law Podcast | Reaction: Center for Firearms Law unpacks oral argument in 'U.S. v Rahimi'

In this episode of the Duke Law Podcast, the Duke Center for Firearms Law (DCFL) discusses the oral argument in 'U.S. v Rahimi,' which was heard in the Supreme Court on November 7. 'Rahimi' is a pending case regarding the Second Amendment to the Constitution and whether allows the government to prohibit firearm possession by individuals subject to certain domestic violence restraining orders.

Professor Joseph Blocher
Faculty co-director, Duke Center for Firearms Law

Professor Darrell A. H. Miller
Faculty co-director, Duke Center for Firearms Law

Andrew Willinger (guest host)
Executive director, Duke Center for Firearms Law
Lecturing Fellow
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- 0:00 Introduction
- 1:01 General impressions
- 4:07 SG’s proposed framework for prohibited persons restrictions
- 9:04 Person-based prohibitors, non-violent felon disarmament
- 13:28 Questions about and 'Bruen' test
- 20:32 Gov't approach to prohibited persons restrictions
- 22:26 Facially discriminatory gun regulations
- 28:26 Sensitive places and dangerous, unusual weapons
- 32:42 Calibrating level of generality in 2A cases
- 35:47 Conceding Rahimi is dangerous
- 38:39 Due process for persons under protective order
- 40:58 Predictions for Court's decision
- 43:46 Closing

NOTE: Captions and transcript forthcoming


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