Ecology's Golden Anniversary: From "Silent Spring" to "A Force for Nature"

The Modern Environmental Movement draws from much older traditions, but the scientific study of relationships between organisms and their natural environment really exploded following the publication of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring." The policy response to this study led to the creation of many of the laws and law practice specializations which we call Environmental Law. Last year, John H. Adams '62 and his wife Patricia Adams published an account of the history of the Natural Resources Defense Council titled, "A Force for Nature." The Adams, along with Professors Ryke Longest and Michelle Nowlin '92 of the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, will discuss the role that the Adams' work at NRDC has played in the past fifty years in influencing environmental policy generally. Ryke and Michelle will also highlight the ways in which the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic's students are building on this legacy to influence environmental policy.