International Human Rights Clinic | An introduction from Jayne Huckerby & Aya Fujimura-Fanselow

Clinical Professor Jayne Huckerby, director of the International Human Rights Clinic, and Clinical Professor Aya Fujimura-Fanselow, supervising attorney for the clinic, talk about the clinic's work, how students get involved, the skills that students learn, and their favorite part about leading the clinic. The clinic is a core component of the Human Rights Program at Duke Law. Through an extensive curriculum, Duke Law's international and comparative law faculty equips students to deepen their knowledge and critical assessment of human rights laws, institutions, advocacy, and scholarship.

0:20 - Tell us about the work your clinic does.
2:53 - Tell us a little about your role with the clinic.
3:28 - When are students able to work with your clinic?
5:12 - What types of work do students do with your clinic?
6:26 - What legal skills do students learn in your clinic?
7:36 - Tell us about a great experience you’ve had working with students in your clinic.
9:06 - How can students continue to do this type of work after graduation?

- Director Jayne Huckerby:
- Supervising Attorney Aya Fujimura-Fanselow:
- International Human Rights Clinic: