LENS Conference 2005 | Military Commissions, Panel 5

The Duke Center for Law, Ethics, and National Security and Duke Law School's Program in Public Law, in conjunction with several other departments and organizations in or affiliated with Duke University, sponsors a major conference entitled "Strategies for the War on Terrorism: Taking Stock." Panel 5: Military Commissions Featuring Scott Silliman, Louis Fisher, John D. Altenburg, Jr., Toni Locy, and David B. Rivkin, Jr.

Recorded on April 08, 2005.

Panel titled: Military Commissions.

Conference title: Strategies for the War on Terrorism: Taking Stock (Law, Ethics and National Security Conference (2005))

Appearing: Scott L. Silliman (Duke Law School), moderator; Louis Fisher (Constitution Project), John D. Altenburg Jr. (MAJ GEN, USA (Ret.)), Toni Locy (Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Washingtion and Lee University), and David B. Rivkin, Jr. (Lawyer, writer, political analyst, Baker Hostetler), panelists.