The New European Choice-of-Law Revolution | Internal & External Conflicts, Federalism, & Markets

February 09, 2008

A panel of experts discusses methodological issues in study analyzing choice of law issues.

The New European Choice-Of-Law Revolution | Internal and External Conflicts, Federalism, and Mark..., Panel 5

Recorded on February 09, 2008.

Panel titled: Internal & External Conflicts, Federalism, & Market Regulation.

Conference title: The New European Choice-of-Law Revolution: Lessons for the United States? (2008)

Appearing: Jürgen Basedow (Max Planck Institute for Comparative & International Private Law) (00:00:10), Mathias W. Reimann (University of Michigan Law School) (00:17:54) , Erin O'Hara (Vanderbilt University School of Law) (00:36:27), and Larry Ribstein (University of Illinois College of Law) (00:50:17), panelists.