Race and the 1L Curriculum: Criminal Law

In the past year, movements to address deep racial inequities embedded in the criminal system gained greater prominence and popular support. At the forefront of these movements are leaders in North Carolina fighting the cash bail system that incarcerates people based on poverty, the racially disparate disenfranchisement of individuals for unpaid fines and fees, and the dangerous conditions facing largely black and brown people in local jails. Daryl Atkinson who co-directs Forward Justice, Andrea "Muffin" Hudson who founded and directs the NC Community Bail Fund, and Leah Kang, staff attorney at the ACLU-NC discuss their innovative racial justice related work here in Durham and in North Carolina.

Also appearing: Kate Evans (Duke Law) & Brandon Garrett (Duke Law)

Originally recorded on October 5, 2020.

Sponsored by the Office of the Dean.