Samuel Moyn | Humane: The Politics and Poetics of Endless War

From the Human Rights in Practice Series: Samuel Moyn, Yale Law School, asks what is wrong with "forever war" - as the post-9/11 campaigns of the United States have been called. For a broad swath of critics, the trouble is its inhumanity - especially the peril it brings to civilians. What, however, if the opposite is true - and the problem is that the war on terror is the most humane war ever fought in history? Moyn offers some early hypotheses for collective discussion as part of a new project on the stakes of making war more humane when there are no strong controls on its chronological or geographical scope. Moderated by Prof. Jayne Huckerby.

Sponsored by the International Human Rights Clinic, the Center for International and Comparative Law, and the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security.