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  • Khanyo Faris√©, panelist, Africa Advocacy Officer, OutRight Action International

    Aya Fujimura-Fanselow, panelist, Clinical Professor of Law (Teaching) & Supervising Attorney, Duke Law International Human Rights Clinic

    Amanda McRae, panelist, Director of United Nations Advocacy,Women Enabled International

    Jayne Huckerby, moderator, Clinical Professor of Law & Director, Duke Law International Human Rights Clinic

  • The global pandemic is exacerbating discrimination against, and challenges faced by, persons with physical and mental disabilities. Some may face increased risk of becoming infected or seriously-ill with COVID-19, including in institutions, and others may face obstacles in accessing healthcare and other necessary services and supplies. How can advocates promote a disability rights-based response to the pandemic, including one that centers persons with disabilities in decision-making on prevention and containment measures?