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  • Retired United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy received the inaugural Bolch Prize for the Rule of Law on April 11, 2019, during a ceremony with Duke Law alumni and leaders from the North Carolina judiciary and legal community. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Judge Allyson K. Duncan of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and Bolch Judicial Institute Director David F. Levi were among the speakers.

  • Recorded on November 8, 2008, Duke University, School of Law.

    Speakers: Introductory remarks by Dean David Levi ; Richard H. Brodhead, Tom Metzloff, Richard Danner, Honorable Allyson K. Duncan (U.S. Court of Appeals), Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (U.S. Supreme Court) at 50:45, and Jillian M. Harrison (Duke Bar Association Internal Vice President).