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  • The Program in Public Law presented its annual Supreme Court Review (Civil) on August 29, 2013. Duke Law Professors Neil Siegel, Darrell Miller, Ernest Young and Katharine Bartlett discussed the most significant civil decisions of the past term of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Duke Law professors discuss and review the most significant decisions of the 2011 term of the U.S. Supreme Court, focusing on civil cases. Margaret H. Lemos looks at the statistics from the term. Ernest A. Young examines two cases: Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC and Arizona v. U.S. Katharine T. Bartlett reviews Coleman v. Maryland Court of Appeals. Lastly, Joseph Blocher looks at the free speech decisions of the Court for the term. Sponsored by the Program in Public Law.

  • Duke Law Professors Neil Siegel, Stuart Benjamin, Joseph Blocher, Marin Levy, and Ernest Young discuss the most significant decisions of the past term of the U.S. Supreme Court (2010 term), focusing on civil cases.

  • Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy Annual Spring Symposium. The Constitution and the Sovereign States Moderator: Steven Schwarcz, Duke Law Participants: Adam Feibelman, Tulane Law Emily Johnson, Wachtell Lipton, Ernest Young, Duke Law Thank You and Closing Remarks Closing: Kara Duffle, Editor-in-Chief

  • August 30, 2010 - Professor Neil Siegel moderated this panel discussion on Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Panelists include Professors Ernest Young and Barak Richman (Duke Law School), Professor Jeffrey Dobbins (Willamette University College of Law), and Professor Andrew Siegel (Seattle University School of Law). Panelists discuss Justice Stevens's long career, the legacy he leaves, and how his retirement and Elena Kagan's ascension to the bench is likely to affect the Court.

  • September 16, 2011 - Third Session - The ACA Litigation as Popular Constitutionalism

    Ernie Young (Duke Law School), "Popular Constitutionalism and the Underenforcement Problem: The Case of the National Healthcare Law"
    Introductory remarks by Guy Charles (Duke Law School), moderator

    Bryan J. Leitch (Student - Duke Law School), "Where Law Meets Politics: Freedom of Contract, Federalism, and the Fight Over Health Care"
    Introductory remarks by Neil Siegel (Duke Law School)

  • March 22, 2012 - The Program in Public Law, Kenan Institute for Ethics, American Constitution Society (Washington, DC), and Duke Law ACLU present an exciting panel discussion on the Supreme Court's recent decision to hear arguments in Arizona v. United States. SB 1070 has been referred to in the media as the "racial profiling" law because it requires law enforcement officers in Arizona to inspect the documents of those suspected of unlawful presence in the state.

  • October 4, 2010 - Panelists discuss some of the most important Supreme Court cases of the upcoming term.

  • September 16, 2011 - First Session - Constitutional Expanse of Congress's Enumerated Powers

    Erwin Chemerinsky (UC-Irvine School of Law), "Distinguishing Politics and Law: Why the Affordable Care Act is Clearly Constitutional"
    Introductory remarks by Stephen Sachs (Duke Law School)

    Neil Siegel (Duke Law School), "Free Riding on Benevolence: Collective Action Federalism and the Individual Mandate"
    Introductory remarks by Jack Balkin (Yale Law School), moderator

    Panelists: Robert Cooter (UC Berkeley School of Law), Ernie Young (Duke Law School)