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  • Retired Journalist, Lew Powell, exoneree Bob Kelly, his attorney, Mark Montgomery, as well as Jennifer Behrens from the Duke Law Library, spoke about the Little Rascals case that shook North Carolina with ultimately unsubstantiated accusations of toddlers and preschoolers being molested while at the daycare. It was one of multiple cases involving false allegations of child sexual abuse and Satanic rituals performed by daycare providers that swept the nation in the late 1980s and early 1990s.The Little Rascals Daycare Case Papers are now in the permanent collection of the J.

  • In honor of Banned Books Week, this event features Duke Law Professors Jennifer Behrens, James Boyle, James Cox, Anne Gordon, Thomas Metzloff, and Jedediah Purdy reading from their favorite books that have been banned or censored

    Sponsored by the Duke Law ACLU.

  • Ethical questions posed by emerging technology, aptitude in case-management tools, and other topics at the intersection of technology and law, are all part of the Duke Law curriculum. This short documentary focuses on the use of virtual technology in litigation and trial, using 360-degree virtual cameras.

    The project was funded by the Duke Digital Initiative, a multi-year program of experimentation, development and implementation of new and emerging technologies to explore their use in support of the university’s mission.