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  • Join Professor Jedediah Purdy for a discussion of his recent book, _Two Cheers for Politics: Why Democracy Is Flawed, Frightening - and Our Best Hope._ The new title explains how American political culture disempowers ordinary citizens and makes the case for a reinvigorated democracy. Lisa Kern Griffin, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Research and Candace M. Carroll and Leonard B. Simon Professor of Law, moderates the event.

    Co-sponsored by the Goodson Law Library and Office of the Dean.

  • The Duke Law community came together to honor the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Remarks were delivered from those who knew Justice Ginsburg personally or studied, taught, or engaged with her life's work.

    We have also set up a KudoBoard to allow members of the Duke community to share the ways in which Justice Ginsburg has influenced or inspired them (

    Sponsored by The Women's Law Students Association, the Program in Public Law, and the Dean's Office.

  • Kerry Abrams, James B. Duke and Benjamin N. Duke Dean of the School of Law, hosts a conversation with Duke Law faculty members on the current state of policing throughout the United States, with an emphasis on how policies and biases impact communities of color. Panelists discuss the history of policing in the United States; address how political movements have been used to demand reform and how the current moment compares to earlier protests; the role of the law and the legal profession in maintaining the status quo; and how the law can be used to enact reforms.

  • Professor Lisa Kern Griffin on course selection in criminal law at Duke Law.

    Produced on March 21, 2016 by Duke University, School of Law.

  • Professor Jeffrey L. Fisher - one of the most experienced and successful appellate advocates in the country - discusses his practice before the United States Supreme Court. Fisher leads Stanford's Supreme Court clinic. In an interview with Professor Lisa Kern Griffin, he addresses the cert. process and the Supreme Court's case selection, the role of oral argument, and some of his recent cases concerning marriage equality, digital privacy, and other criminal procedure issues.

    Sponsored by the Program in Public Law.

  • In his latest book, After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene, Professor Jedediah Purdy defines and details the Anthropocene epoch - the age of humans - and calls for a new way of thinking about political, legal, and cultural solutions to environmental problems. Tracing critical changes in our relationship with the natural world, the book has been praised by critics for its depth and urgency. In an era where humans and the environment are inextricably tied, how do we approach environmental politics, economics and ethics?

  • Recently, the use of police force has become a very relevant issue throughout the United States. Technology often comes into play as dash cams, body cams, and bystander videos are able to capture some of the alleged misconduct. What are the legal implications of these videos? Are they admissible as evidence in the court room? How is technology changing the way the law handles these types of cases? The Duke Forum for Law and Social Change and the American Constitution Society present a panel discussion about the use of technology and its implications for law enforcement officers.

  • The Program in Public Law presents its Annual Supreme Court Preview. Duke Law professors Lisa Griffin, Tom Metzloff, Darrell Miller, and Neil Siegel offer a preview of the Supreme Court's October 2015 Term.

  • A program about Justice Ginsburg's 50+ years as a lawyer, professor, appellate judge and associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The discussion features the editor and contributors to the recent book, "The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg", Scott Dodson '00, Harry & Lillian Hastings Research Chair and Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of Law; Lisa Kern Griffin, Professor of Law; and Neil Siegel, David W. Ichel Professor of Law. It was moderated by Katharine T. Bartlett, A. Kenneth Pye Professor of Law.

    Sponsored by the Office of Alumni & Development.

  • The Program in Public Law presents its annual Supreme Court Review. Duke Law professors Lisa Kern Griffin, Katharine T. Bartlett and Ernest A. Young review the most significant decisions of the 2013-14 term of the U.S. Supreme Court, while Professor Darrell A.H. Miller moderates. Cases discussed include Hobby Lobby, Riley v. California, and Bond v. U.S.

  • As so often demonstrated on Law & Order, all suspects are entitled to Miranda warnings while in police custody. But how do we determine when someone is "in custody" for the purpose of a 5th Amendment Miranda analysis? Is age a relevant consideration when contemplating a "reasonable person" in the same circumstances? The Supreme Court will decide on this issue this spring.

  • Four experienced prosecutors in the LLM program, will discuss the role of prosecutors in their countries. Professor Lisa Griffin will moderate. Lunch will be provided but attendees should bring their own beverage. This event is co-sponsored by the International Law Society and the Asian Law Students Association.

    Recorded on October 26, 2010.

    Appearing: Nir Shnaiderman (Israel), Tsung-Hao Chen (Taiwan), Ryohei Oda (Japan), and Jae Bin Cho (Korea), speakers.

  • Panel discussion on environmental law, preemption, anti-discrimination, and criminal-related cases appearing before the Supreme Court.

    Recorded on November 17, 2008.

    Appearing: Christopher Schroeder, Ernest Young, Katharine Bartlett, and Lisa Griffin, panelists.