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  • Panel 4 of the NYU Law Review/Duke Center for Firearms Law Symposium, is "After Bruen: Implications for Law Enforcement, Stare Decisis, and Supreme Court Legitimacy." The event was recorded on Friday, September 23, 2022.

    - Moderator: Sanford Levinson (Texas)
    - Panelists: Brandon del Pozo (Rhode Island Hospital), Mary Anne Franks (Miami), Barry Friedman (NYU), Haley Proctor (Missouri)

    Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law in coordination with the New York University Law Review.

  • Guns can be-and perhaps increasingly are-regulated outside the process we usually envision in which laws get debated and passed through the legislature. Through lawsuits asserting tort and tort-like liability (e.g. the Sandy Hook lawsuit against Remington) and through business regulation of sales practices and customer behavior (e.g. stores refusing to allow open or concealed carry), civil litigation and the private market are taking on a larger role in the regulation of firearms.