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  • A panel discussion featuring Duke Law Professors Stuart Benjamin and Chris H. Schroeder, Maryland Law Professor David Gray, and Intel Global Privacy Officer David A. Hoffman discussing recent dust-ups between the U.S. Department of Justice and tech firms like Microsoft and Apple. The panel considers the best legal arguments available to the parties in their respective cases, the role of the telecommunications and technology industry in the privacy debates, and implications for national security and international business interests.

  • Renowned advocate and scholar Lt Col David J.R. Frakt (U.S. Air Force Reserve) speaks about his representation of Guantanamo detainees. In 2009 in the Mohammed Jawad case, Frakt became the only person to win the pretrial dismissal of military commission charges and win the release of a military commission defendant through habeas corpus, while bringing international attention to the abuse of a juvenile detainee. In 2008, Ali Hamza al Bahlul famously boycotted his trial and is the sole prisoner at Guantanamo serving a sentence from a military commission during the Bush presidency.

  • A discussion of the situation in Ukraine (as of February, 2015) in its legal dimensions, including Ukraine's quest for democracy and rule of law as well as the legal consequences of the Crimean Peninsula's annexation. The emphasis is on the probable outcomes and impacts these events will have on Ukraine as well as other international players. The panelists are: Honorable Bohdan Futey was the U.S.

  • A discussion with Paul Rosenzweig, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Dept. of Homeland Security, former Acting Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, and founder of Red Branch Law & Consulting.

    Sponsored by the National Security Law Society.

    Recorded on February 18, 2010.

    Appearing: Paul Rosenzweig (Red Branch Law and Consulting) speaker.

  • Jonathan Hafetz, a staff attorney with the New York Office of the ACLU National Security Project, joins Professor Scott Silliman to discuss the implications of the Boumediene v. Bush decision in which the Supreme Court held that detainees at Guantanamo have the right to challenge their detentions in federal court. Co-sponsored by the ACLU, ACS, the Federalist Society, and the National Security Law Society.

    Recorded on October 01, 2008.

  • Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU's Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, gives a talk and participates in a Q&A on "Something to Hide: New Technology, Dragnet Surveillance, and the Future of Privacy." This event was co-sponsored by the Center for International & Comparative Law, the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, the Duke Law American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Law Society, and the National Security Law Society.