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  • Join Professor Jedediah Purdy for a discussion of his recent book, _Two Cheers for Politics: Why Democracy Is Flawed, Frightening - and Our Best Hope._ The new title explains how American political culture disempowers ordinary citizens and makes the case for a reinvigorated democracy. Lisa Kern Griffin, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Research and Candace M. Carroll and Leonard B. Simon Professor of Law, moderates the event.

    Co-sponsored by the Goodson Law Library and Office of the Dean.

  • Join Professor Matthew Adler, Richard A. Horvitz Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, Philosophy and Public Policy, for a discussion of his recent book, Measuring Social Welfare: An Introduction. This title provides an overview of the social welfare function (SWF) framework and a demonstration of how it can be used as a powerful tool for evaluating governmental policies. James Boyle, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law, will provide introductory remarks.

    Co-sponsored by the Goodson Law Library and Office of the Dean.

  • The Office of the Dean and Kerry Abrams host this discussion on 'Rising Anti-Asian Violence in the U.S.,' with guest speakers Robert Chang JD/MA '92, executive director of the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality and professor of law at the Seattle University School of Law; Stephen Lee, professor of law and associate dean for Faculty Research and Development at the UC-Irvine School of Law; and Jo-Ann Yoo, executive director of the Asian American Federation. This discussion is moderated by Bethan Eynon, director of Public Interest Careers at Duke Law.

  • Dean Kerry Abrams launches Lawyers and Leaders, a new series of conversations with pathbreaking figures in the legal profession and beyond. Her first guest is Marc Elias '93, founder of Democracy Docket and the chair of the political law group Perkins Coie in Washington. A nationally recognized authority and expert in campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting law, and litigation, Marc represents the national Democratic Party, as well as dozens of U.S. senators, governors, representatives, campaigns, and other Democratic groups.

  • Moderated by Guy Charles, Edward and Ellen Schwarzman Professor of Law, this panel discusses the current state of the lawsuits challenging the election results as well as questions around the transfer of power from one administration to the next. Experts in democratic theory and constitutional law, including Jack Goldsmith, Henry L.

  • A discussion of Professor Powell's latest book, Targeting Americans: The Constitutionality of the U.S. Drone War (Oxford University Press). Powell's book focuses on the legal debate surrounding drone strikes, From a position of deep practical expertise in constitutional issues, Prof. Powell provides a dispassionate and balanced analysis of the issues posed by U.S. targeted killing policy. A fundamental theme of the book is that the conclusion that an action or policy is constitutional should not be confused with claims about its wisdom, morality, or legality under international norms.