Videos tagged with Public Interest & Pro Bono

  • At the heart of both Abolish ICE and Defund the Police is a conversation about who is incarcerated and criminalized. The movements share the belief that regardless of the badge, bad law enforcement practices and policies affect the safety and well-being of people across the United States.

  • Eleni Bakst '17, Suzie Jing '18, and Blair Mason '18 share their experiences working with families detained while seeking asylum at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. Their project was one of many organized by the Duke Law Office of Public Interest and Pro Bono as part of its annual Southern Justice Spring Break Trip.

  • The Office and Board of Pro Bono and Public Interest presents a program on how LL.M. Lisa Vatch saw a gap in services and decided to fill it by creating her own foundation. Lisa was born without a sense of smell, but her condition was not diagnosed until she was a teenager. Not wanting others to face the same predicament and witnessing a lack of awareness and sensitivity for this problem by both the public and the legal and medical community, she created a web-based Canadian foundation that serves 1000s of people from all over the world.

  • Duke Law students explore legal issues, produce video about land rights of Haitians displaced in 2010 earthquake.