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  • Recorded on November 8, 2008, Duke University, School of Law.

    Speakers: Introductory remarks by Dean David Levi ; Richard H. Brodhead, Tom Metzloff, Richard Danner, Honorable Allyson K. Duncan (U.S. Court of Appeals), Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (U.S. Supreme Court) at 50:45, and Jillian M. Harrison (Duke Bar Association Internal Vice President).

  • Duke President Richard Brodhead's comments relating to the Duke Lacrosse case during The Court of Public Opinion conference.

    What catapults a case into the media spotlight? Who is responsible for focusing media and public attention on a particular case? Once a case gains high-profile status, what are the professional and ethical roles and responsibilities of members of the media, the bar, and the institutions involved? How do media balance their First Amendment right to watch over the operation of government with the rights of the accused?