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  • A graphic novel covering 2000 years of musical borrowing and regulation, from Plato to rap, by James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins. Available at

  • Public Domain Day, which falls on January 1st, is intended to be a celebration of copyright expiration, a day when notable works enter the public domain. In 2014, Public Domain Day in Canada saw the writings of Robert Frost, W.E.B. Du Bois, C.S. Lewis, Sylvia Plath, and Aldous Huxley became public works, free for anyone to use and build upon. However, because of copyright extensions passed by the U.S. Congress, no published works entered the U.S. public domain in 2014, and nothing will until 2019.

  • Copyright expert and scholar David Nimmer discussed current developments in U.S. copyright law and how they push us in unanticipated directions when he delivered the annual Meredith and Kip Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property. Among other matters, he explored the potential for recent Supreme Court decisions to upset a large body of jurisprudence, and whether "The Cloud" might push the law in the opposite direction.