TRIPS Conference | International Provision of Public Goods in the New Regime

April 04, 2003

Panel discussion on foreign trade and public goods. Includes the following short lectures: Peter Drahos, "Economic and Legal Obstacles Raised by IPR to the Provision of Public Goods" and Paul David "Economics of Public Goods in International Perspective." Also includes welcoming address.

Recorded on April 04, 2003.

Panel titled: International Provision of Public Goods in the New Regime.

Conference title: International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology (TRIPS Conference (2003))

Appearing: Katharine T. Bartlett (Dean, Duke University School of Law), introductions ; Jerome H. Reichman (Duke University School of Law), speaker, welcoming address ; Keith Maskus (Department of Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder), speaker, welcoming address. Peter Drahos (Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University), panelist ; Paul David (University of Oxford and Stanford University), panelist ; Robert Keohane (Duke University), commentator ; Eric Maskin (Institute for Advanced Study), commentator.