TRIPS Conference | Preserving Cultural & Scientific Commons

April 05, 2003

Panel discussion on access to research and data resources, the scientific commons, and related issues related to economic development. Includes the following short lectures: Robert Evenson, "The Future of Public Agricultural Research in the World Economy" ; Richard Nelson, "Patents and the Scientific Commons" ; Ruth Okediji, "The Impact of the TRIPS Agreement on Educational and Cultural Aspects of Economic Development" ; and Paul Uhlir, "Preserving Access to Public Data Resources for Science and Development."

Recorded on April 05, 2003.

Panel titled: Preserving Cultural & Scientific Commons.

Conference title: International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology (TRIPS Conference (2003))

Appearing: Robert Evenson (Yale University), panelist ; Richard Nelson (Columbia University), panelist ; Ruth Okediji (University of Minnesota Law School), panelist ; Paul Uhlir (National Academy of Sciences), panelist ; James Boyle (Duke University School of Law), commentator ; Laurence Helfer (Loyola Law School), commentator ; Monroe Price (Cardozo School of Law), commentator.