Duke Law Star Commons Usage Guidelines

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The Star Commons area is a gathering place for members of the Duke Law School community as well as the main dining area for the Law School Café. The Star Commons may be reserved by law-school sponsored groups only on a limited basis with the following restrictions:

  • Event MUST be approved by the Events Office.
  • Event MUST be scheduled after the Café’s operating hours (3 p.m. or later start time for event).
  • Event MUST only use the Law School's in-house caterer. If serving alcohol (beer and wine only), it MUST be provided and served by the Law School's in-house caterer.
  • Event MUST schedule housekeeping services through Event Manager Questionnaire if furniture relocation is requested.
  • Event MUST have a Duke security officer hired by the event host when serving alcohol and/or if the event is taking place after the normal operating hours of the Law School (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm).
  • Event MUST NOT require removal of the existing furniture without pre-approval from Events Office.

Exceptions will be made for Law School functions such as Leadership Meeting, Admitted Students Open House and Reunion weekend only.

If you have questions regarding the Star Commons usage policy, please contact the Events Office at 919-613-8548 or