Event Parking Guidelines

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All visitors to the Law School, between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday, MUST park in a Visitors Lot.

To park, visitors must pay at the self-pay kiosk or display a visitor’s pass. Visitor passes can be requested through the Building Manager and are available for pick up from the 3rd Floor Registration Desk. Passes are $10 each and may be paid for in cash or charged to a fund code. It is a good idea to obtain passes for visitors well in advance of their visit, so that the pass may be mailed to the visitor in order to avoid a return trip to their vehicle upon arrival.

For events that require more than 10 parking passes to accommodate participants and attendees, parking should be arranged through Duke University Parking & Transportation. For instructions, visit their website or contact the Parking & Transportation office directly at 919-668-5407.

Depending on the number of spaces required and the details of the event, additional costs--over and above the $10/pass--may apply. A parking attendant may also be required to monitor the lot. Attendant fees are $33/hour/attendant with a four-hour minimum.

For questions regarding parking needs, please contact the Events Office at or 919-613-8548.