Environmental Law & Policy Clinic | An introduction from Nancy Lauer & Lee Miller

Lecturing Fellow Nancy Lauer, a staff scientist with the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic (ELPC), and Lecturing Fellow Lee Miller, a fellow in environmental law with the clinic, talk about the ELPC's work, how students get involved, the skills that students learn, and their favorite parts about working with students the clinic. The clinic provides training that the next generation of leaders to solve environmental problems and providing access to justice in underserved communities.

0:25 - Tell us a little about your area of expertise in environmental law.
1:17 - Tell us a little about your role with the clinic.
1:50 - What are some of the ways that you work with the students in the clinic?
3:07 - Tell us about a great experience you’ve had working with students in your clinic.
4:32 - How can students continue to do this type of work after graduation?

- Lecturing Fellow Nancy Lauer: https://law.duke.edu/fac/lauer/
- Lecturing Fellow Lee Miller: https://law.duke.edu/fac/millerl/
- Duke Environmental Law & Policy Clinic: https://law.duke.edu/envlawpolicy/