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  • Former Congressman Dave Trott '85, discusses his experience working on gun legislation at both the state and federal levels, recent trends in state gun laws, and his perspective on future regulatory developments. Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law. Co-sponsored with POLIS: Center for Politics at Sanford School of Public Policy.

  • In this episode of the Duke Law Podcast, the Duke Center for Firearms Law (DCFL) discusses the oral argument in 'U.S. v Rahimi,' which was heard in the Supreme Court on November 7. 'Rahimi' is a pending case regarding the Second Amendment to the Constitution and whether allows the government to prohibit firearm possession by individuals subject to certain domestic violence restraining orders.

    Professor Joseph Blocher
    Faculty co-director, Duke Center for Firearms Law

    Professor Darrell A. H. Miller
    Faculty co-director, Duke Center for Firearms Law

  • In its opening issue of Volume 73 (2023), Duke Law Journal published "Fact Stripping," written by Duke Law's own professors, Joseph Blocher and Brandon L. Garrett. In this interview, Judge Paul W. Grimm (ret.) of the Bolch Judicial Institute at Duke Law asks the authors about the concept of fact stripping and a current trend of appellate courts assuming fact-finding power over trial courts. The authors suggest Congress may want to reallocate factfinding power to trial courts through legislation.

  • Join us for a discussion on policing and gun violence featuring Sanford Professor Emeritus Philip J. Cook and Durham Chief of Police Patrice Andrews. The discussion will cover Professor Cook's new book, Policing Gun Violence, as well as a detailed report that Professor Cook produced - at the invitation of Chief Andrews - regarding fatal and non-fatal shootings in Durham. Questions raised include: How can police departments find the right balance between over- and under-policing of high-violence areas?

  • A far-reaching discussion with David French covers the landmark 2022 Supreme Court term and the impact of the Court's major Second Amendment decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen. Mr. French is a leading political commentator who is the senior editor at The Dispatch and a New York Times best-selling author. He is also Duke's 2022 Egan Visiting Professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy and the School of Arts and Sciences.

  • Panel 3 of the NYU Law Review/Duke Center for Firearms Law Symposium, is "Sensitive Places and the Challenges of Applying Bruen in the Lower Courts." The event was recorded on Friday, September 23, 2022.

    - Moderator: Jamal Greene (Columbia)
    - Panelists: Joseph Blocher (Duke), Jacob Charles (Pepperdine), Adam Samaha (NYU), Darrell Miller (Duke)

    Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law in coordination with the New York University Law Review.

  • In this episode of the Duke Law Podcast, the Duke Center for Firearms Law discusses the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen on June 23, 2022. Join Profs. Joseph Blocher and Darrell A. H. Miller – both faculty co-directors of the Center – and Jacob D. Charles and Andrew Willinger – outgoing and incoming executive directors of the Center, respectively – for a broad-ranging conversation on the implications of the Court’s decision and the unanswered questions that could lead to further litigation.

  • Our next symposium will be hosted at Harvard Law School on March 25, 2022 in coordination with the Harvard Law Review. The theme is Guns, Violence, and Democracy. The events of the past several years—including pandemic-produced uncertainty and economic instability, antiracism protests, and assaults on free and fair elections—have confirmed both the importance and the fragility of democratic institutions. The symposium will discuss the ways that violence shapes U.S.

  • In this episode of the Duke Law Podcast, two of the most highly citied scholars on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen – Duke Law Prof. Joseph Blocher and Prof. Darrell A. H. Miller – unpack what happened and what’s at stake with the U.S. Supreme Court’s November 3 hearing of its first major gun rights case since 2008.

  • In this discussion, entitled "Deciphering the U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments in NYSRPA v. Bruen," Duke Law Professor Joseph Blocher, faculty co-director of Duke’s Center for Firearms Law, and Duke Law Lecturing Fellow Jake Charles, the Center’s executive director, host a discussion with Mary McCord, Executive Director of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and a visiting professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center. The conversation focuses on takeaways from the Nov. 3, 2021, Supreme Court oral arguments in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v.

  • Joseph Blocher, the Lanty L. Smith ’67 Professor of Law at Duke Law and faculty co-director of the Duke Center for Firearms Law, discusses his recent two scholarly articles: "Why Regulate Guns?" and "When Guns Threaten the Public Sphere: A New Account of Public Safety Regulation Under Heller." Prof. Blocher co-wrote both pieces with Reva Siegel, the Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Professor of Law at Yale Law School.

  • Professors Matt Adler, Joseph Blocher, and Ernie Young engage in a panel discussion with Christina Duffy Ponsa-Kraus, George Welwood Murray Professor of Legal History at Columbia Law School, exploring a range of constitutional issues-typically uncovered in the 1L curriculum-that arose in the decades following the Civil War and Reconstruction. Professor Ponsa-Kraus discusses some of the legal questions surrounding the status of Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, including in particular the history and continuing relevance of the century-old Insular Cases.

  • In this episode, Joseph Blocher talks with Sheila Simon of the Southern Illinois University School of Law, about her article "On Target? Assessing Gun Sanctuary Ordinances That Conflict with State Law" published in a symposium issue of the West Virginia Law Review.

    Read the article at:

    Presented by the Duke Center for Firearms Law.

    Appearing: Sheila Simon (Southern Illinois University School of Law) and Joseph Blocher (Duke Law)

  • In this episode, Joseph Blocher talks with Natalie Nanasi of the SMU Dedman School of Law, about her article "Disarming Domestic Abusers", forthcoming in the Harvard Law & Policy Review.

    Article is available on SSRN at:

    Presented by the Duke Center for Firearms Law.

    Appearing: Natalie Nanasi (SMU Dedman School of Law) and Joseph Blocher (Duke Law).

  • In this series, hosted by the Center for Firearms Law, we talk with scholars about new or forthcoming academic publications relating to firearms law or the Second Amendment. Faculty co-director Joseph Blocher discusses Eric Ruben’s recent article in the California Law Review, “An Unstable Core: Self-Defense and the Second Amendment.”

    Presented by the Duke Center for Firearms Law

    Appearing: Joseph Blocher (Duke Law) and Eric Ruben (SMU Dedman School of Law)

  • Center for Firearms Law leadership discuss the Second Amendment implications of state and local orders that require businesses, including gun stores, to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Appearing: Jacob D. Charles, Executive Director, Center for Firearms Law, and Professors Joseph Blocher and Darrell A. H. Miller, Co-Directors, Duke Center for Firearms Law

    For more discussion of these issues, visit the Center’s blog:

  • In December 2019, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in a Second Amendment case for the first time in nearly a decade—New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York (NYSRPA). Along with that case, nearly a dozen cert petitions are pending before the Court that raise complicated Second Amendment questions, like those concerning bans on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines, laws requiring individuals to show good cause to obtain a license to carry in public, and other regulations on firearms. Professors April G.

  • A discussion on gun reform after the Supreme Court’s first hearing on the Second Amendment in 10 years, State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York (NYSRPA). The case represents the first time the Supreme Court has heard arguments in a Second Amendment case in almost 10 years. NYSRPA concerns a challenge to a New York City regulation that restricted individuals who hold “premises licenses”—those that allow individuals to possess a gun at home—from bringing their firearms to shooting ranges or second homes outside the City.

  • Prof. Joseph Blocher, co-director of the Duke Center for Firearms Law, speaks on why 'Gun Rights and Regulation Outside of the Home' is a critical issue right now, and the focus of scholarly discussion on the center's first forum held September 27, 2019.

  • The symposium on Guns Rights and Regulations Outside the Home looks at the issues left open by the Supreme Court in District of Columbia concerning whether and how the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms extends outside the home. Experts in the legal, historical, and empirical aspects of this question weigh in on the proper approach.

    Panel 1: The Second Amendment and Conflicting Interests

    Moderator: Joseph Blocher, Faculty Co-Director, Center for Firearms Law & Lanty L. Smith ’67 Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law

  • University of Texas law professor Sanford Levinson joins Duke's own Walter Dellinger for a conversation about the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, and the future of gun rights and regulation. Levinson's article The Embarrassing Second Amendment is regarded as one of the foundational pieces of scholarship in the area. Dellinger argued District of Columbia v. Heller. Moderated by Joseph Blocher.

    Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law.

  • Joseph Blocher and Darrell A.H. Miller discuss their book, "The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller". This title is the first comprehensive post-Heller account of the history, theory, and law of one of the Constitution's most recognized - and perhaps most misunderstood rights: the right to keep and bear arms. Senior Associate Dean Margaret H. Lemos leads the conversation.

    Co-sponsored by the Goodson Law Library and Office of the Dean.

  • The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy hosted its 2017 symposium, "Voting Rights in Polarized America," on Feb. 17, 2017.

    Session 3:
    "The Role of Courts in Election Reform: Lessons from NAACP v. McCrory"
    Caitlin Swain, Forward Justice
    Noel Johnson, Public Interest Legal Foundation
    Allison Riggs, Southern Coalition for Social Justice
    Irving Joyner, North Carolina Central University School of Law
    Moderator: Joseph Blocher, Duke University School of Law

    Closing Remarks

  • Judge Guido Calabresi of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit delivered Duke Law's annual Brainerd Currie Memorial Lecture, entitled "Equality in the American Constitution." Prior to his appointment to the bench in 1994, Judge Calabresi was Dean and Sterling Professor at Yale Law School, where he began teaching in 1959, and is now Sterling Professor Emeritus and Professorial Lecturer in Law.

  • The Coalition Against Gendered Violence presents a discussion on the Second Amendment, the intersection of domestic violence and gun violence protection, the legal issues involved in Voisine v. United States, and how the decision affects (or doesn't affect) the work of domestic violence advocates in North Carolina. Featuring Professor Joseph Blocher; Elizabeth Avore '06 from Everytown for Gun Safety (an organization that provided one of the amicus briefs in the case); and Amily McCool from North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence.