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JD/LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship

The Law and Entrepreneurship Program integrates rigorous course work, real-world experience, and high-level networking opportunities to position you to advise, create, and lead the innovative ventures that will drive tomorrow’s global economy.


The LLMLE program provides students with a deep understanding of the historical and current perspectives on entrepreneurship and the law; enables students to understand the business, institutional, and strategic considerations applicable to entrepreneurs; fosters an understanding of the public policy and legal frameworks that promote innovation; ensures that students master both the core substantive law and the lawyering skills that are necessary for effective representation of entrepreneurs; and provides students with an opportunity to explore their own potential for entrepreneurship.

JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship students complete requirements for both degrees over six semesters of law study and a startup immersion experience during the summer following their first year. Required courses include Advising the Entrepreneurial Client, Law & Entrepreneurship, Analytical Methods, and Business Strategy. JD/LLM LE students also participate in a non-law firm externship at a local startup company and the Start-up Ventures Clinic.

To apply for the JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship program, candidates complete the regular JD application and indicate their intent to enroll in the JD/LLMLE. No additional application materials or standardized testing are required.

LLMLE faculty Why Duke, Why Now?

Candidates for the JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship do not need to apply separately to any school or program at Duke other than the Law School. Complete the regular JD application, but indicate that you wish to be considered for the dual degree. You may apply to only one dual degree program.

JD application information

Application Review Process

JD/LLMLE applications are reviewed through the regular Law School process. Although there are no specific prerequisites or admission requirements, the admissions committee pays particular attention to applicants with a background in business, finance, and entrepreneurial activity. In rare instances where the applicant is a strong candidate for the JD program but lacks this additional experience, the admissions committee may offer admission to the JD only.

Additional Application Materials

JD/LLMLE candidates are not required to submit a statement of purpose for the LLM; however, we encourage applicants to address their interest in law and entrepreneurship, either in their personal statement or include the JD/LLM Addendum attachment.

Standardized Testing

The LSAT is required for all Law School dual degree applicants. No additional testing is required for the JD/LLMLE.