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DukeCapture is a centrally managed system using Panopto software for recording classes and events that takes advantage of our built-in cameras and microphones.

It is available in all classrooms except 4040 (also not available in ancillary classrooms such as the Burdman Lounge and the Fite room). For recording in rooms not covered by DukeCapture please contact Media Services to arrange for the loan of a flip camera or mp3 recorder.

Before the semester begins, please let Media Services staff at know which option you prefer:

  • A: All regular class sessions automatically recorded and shared with students.
  • B: All regular class sessions automatically recorded but NOT shared with students (until done so explicitly).
  • C: You do not intend to record any classes.

Option A: All classes recorded and shared

There are a few steps necessary to provide audio and video to the DukeCapture system.

On the Crestron touch panel:

1. If not already on, touch the screen. If you don't see buttons on the touch screen, press the screen again to start up the A/V system. The startup time varies by room.
2. On the lower right of the screen, touch "Event Record" or "Capture".
If you are in 4044, 4045, 4046, 4049 or 3043 - touch the word Record at the bottom of the touchpanel.
3. Touch the number or name for the camera you wish to use. We usually choose Rear Camera.
4. Touch preset 1, or follow the instructions on the screen to zoom or move the camera as needed.
5. Go back to the main menu using the appropriate button.

In the A/V rack or cabinet:

6. Seminar rooms have mics that pick up all voices at the table. In larger rooms, the instructor's wired microphones are by default on, but do not capture your voice very well if you move away from them. To assure your voice is captured, take a wireless mic out of the drawer. Press the power button or move the switch to on. Test that the mic is on by speaking with it close to your mouth. Put the mic transmitter on your belt and the mic on your shirt about 6-8 inches below your chin.

Option B: All classes recorded privately

Follow the steps outlined for Option A to record your class session.

To share an Option B recording:

1. Go to
2. If you see "Panopto" as the choice for "Log in using:", select "NetID" instead
3. Log in using your netid and password
4. Go to your folder (under your name)
5. Move your pointer to the row with the recording you wish to share

To share with all members of your class:

6-8. Due to changes in Panopto, please contact Media Services ( for up-to-date instructions or assistance.

To share just with individuals:

6. Move your pointer over the name of the recording and click on the "Share" icon
7. In the resulting window, type in the NetID (available in the roster in "Site Info" on Sakai) for each individual to whom you wish to grant access; wait for the NetID to be verified and then click on the resulting directory entry.
8. Once you have added all the individuals who need access, click on the "Send and save changes" button
9. Each individual should receive a notification with information about how to access the recording; you can also click on the Overview tab and copy the Viewer link for emailing

Option C: Ad hoc recording

If we have not prepared Panopto for your use, you can still record. Once again follow the instructions for Option A.

On the room computer:

1. Double click the Panopto software icon on the desktop.
2. Dukelaw should be logged in. If not, you will need restart the computer. If it is not logged in after restarting, then please call the hotline (613-7249).
3. You may see "Offline" selected. Select the folder for the room you are in.
4. Click the start button.
5. You can minimize the application by clicking on its icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.
6. Be sure to stop the recording when your class or session is over.
7. Quit out of Panopto after the file has been copied to the server, if applicable.
8. You can alternatively or in addition copy your recording on to a Flash drive. Look in "Classroom Files" (Drive E:); there is an alias for it on the deskop. Your recording will be in that folder or under Panopto Recordings. The recording will be a meaninglessly named folder with several files - you may need to locate yours by the date and time stamp of the folder. The video and screen capture are Windows Media files.
9. Email or call 613-7249 if the recording should be made available to a class.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are students' voices captured? By default they are not. Touch the Student Mic "On" button on the Crestron to enable student mics. Note that in the larger rooms, the mics are amplified and can cause some extra noise.