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Below are some ideas to try. Please see Extending the Classroom for more information on setting up in-class polling, recording videos, using class forums, and other ways to engage students inside and outside the classroom.

Please contact Instructional Technologies Consulting for assistance with any of these...

Before Class

  • Pose discussion questions on the Course Email List or on a Sakai discussion board
  • Require students to post their own discussion questions on the Course Email List or on Sakai
  • Require students to reply to discussion questions you pose
  • Poll students to test conceptual understanding of the day's readings (using Sakai, Qualtrics or other polling software)

At the Start of Class

  • Display your main points in a brief PowerPoint or an outline from a word processor, so that students are oriented to the day's plan
  • Let students know that you will distribute your Powerpoint slides, or outline, so they don't feel they have to write everything down
  • Poll students electronically (using Sakai or Qualtrics) to test conceptual knowledge, or to illustrate the controversial nature of a topic
  • Start off with a scene from a video or DVD to highlight the day's main point
  • Display on screen and discuss the morning's headlines from Jurist, or

During Class

  • Put a piece of student or professional writing up on the screen and ask for help in polishing it (if there is a wireless keyboard, ask a student to take notes or make the agreed-upon changes)
  • Show a video or describe a scenario, and poll the students before discussing it
  • Ask students to close their laptops and discuss more intently
  • Put students into pairs, then into groups to reach a consensus or majority opinion on a question, then have groups report back, perhaps with a simple PowerPoint or outline of their main arguments

After Class

  • Send out your slides, outline or notes to the Course Email List, or post on Sakai
  • Ask a follow-up question on the Course Email List or Sakai
  • Require students to post follow-up observations or responses on the Course Email List or Sakai

During the Semester

  • Give self-assessment assignments to allow students to review their conceptual understanding, perhaps through CALI lessons, or through review questions or quizzes on Sakai
  • Provide brief mock exams questions to work through, in a timed environment, perhaps using Sakai, and provide model or alternative responses
  • Assign mock exam questions to groups, have groups develop model responses and share them with entire class through the Course Email List or Sakai