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Where to find law school address lists:

Student "class of" email lists

These lists provide the ability to email student cohorts based on degree and graduation year. The individuals on these lists are generally determined based on filter criteria from the SISS database system. Sending to these lists is generally restricted, with moderator approval required. Additional persons may be allowed to post to these lists with appropriate pre-approval.

See the list of student class-of email lists

Departmental distribution lists

AcTech creates and maintains a distribution list for each department. The participants are determined by the policy of the individual department, and change requests can be made to the Help Desk. Individuals are placed on the appropriate lists at the time of hire. By default, these lists are open for anyone to send an email to. Department lists are Exchange groups. This provides some functionality not available through the Sympa email list service. For example, when a meeting invitation is created for a department, Outlook's scheduling assistant can show all individuals in that department. This feature also allows a calendar or email folder to be easily shared with all members of a department. Other departmental subgroups are maintained in Sympa.

Groups and organizations

Law School approved groups and organizations can request a mailing list (note that student groups need a faculty or staff sponsor). The list initial ownership will be granted to the requester. Subscribers to the list must be maintained by the group or organization. A simple web form is linked below. It asks for the necessary configuration information for initial list setup. lists vs. lists

Already have a list? Does it end with Then you will need to visit the law SYMPA list site. If your list ends with, then you will need to visit the main Duke SYMPA site.

Mailing list requests:

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