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The applications below can help you find new ways to extend your interaction with students, both outside and within the classroom.

Cloud-based storage and collaboration service (Duke-affliated)

Access, store and share content securely with Duke and non-Duke users — anywhere, anytime, on any device.



  • 50 GB of cloud storage
  • Send large files
  • Sync files across devices
  • Assign tasks and due dates to files
  • Access and upload files from mobile devices
  • Track changes with versioning
  • Set expiration dates for links and data

Screen Recorder & Video Editor (Non-affliated)

Powerful screen capture and editing software for those that want to take their level of video content creation up a notch.

If you are interested in creating carefully produced video content for students to view outside of class time, Camtasia is the way to go. The potential for high-level, engaging content is possible, however, it comes at a slight cost: Camtasia pricing.

Contact Instructional Technologies Consulting if you're considering purchasing a license for Camtasia.

Communication & collaboration interface (Duke-affliated)

All-in-one platform for chatting, video conferencing, and file sharing.