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Faculty and staff network printing

Contact the Academic Technologies help desk to have relevant printers configured for your computer.

Student Printing using ePrint

The Law School uses Duke's ePrint services but has its own special queue called ePrint-Law-BW. To install Law's ePrint software visit the software download page. Be sure to download the software from the law school software download page to get our printer drivers. (Linux users should be able to print following OIT's instructions, substituting our queue name, ePrint-Law-BW.) You also have other options for accessing the printers; we recommend print by email.

The law school provides a $100 quota per semester to law students for black-and-white printing ($0.04 per sheet of paper, whether printed single or double-sided). When your quota goes below $10, law students can request another $10 via this form. If you have any problems with your quota, contact the help desk.

If you are not a law student and wish to print in the Law Library, please click here for more information.

ePrint stations are located on every floor of the Law Library and outside the library on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. You will need your Duke Card or a DukeCard enabled mobile phone to print. Please click here to see printer locations.

Double-Sided Printing

You can follow these instructions to set up double-sided printing on your computer.

Contactless Printing

You can follow these instructions for "contactless" printing.

Using the Lexmark Printers

Once you have sent a printer job to ePrint-Law-BW, you just need to swipe your card at the printer where you wish to have your job printed. Most of our Lexmark printers have LCD screens that give access to ePrint release software.

To release a print job for printing, follow these steps:

1. If the screen is blank, touch the screen. Touch the "ePrint" button to start the process. (With an external release station, move the mouse.)

2. Swipe your DukeCard.

3. Your pending jobs are now displayed. You can leave unreleased jobs up to 24 hours before they are deleted from the queue.

4. Select your print job(s) by selecting the checkbox. You may select multiple jobs by selecting multiple checkboxes.

5. Click on the “Print” button to release the jobs for printing.

6. Wait for your job(s) to print. If the print-out is not successful, you have 15 minutes to "re-print" at any of our B&W printers before a released job is deleted from the queue.

7. Click on the “Delete” button to cancel any job(s) you do not want to print.

Printer Locations

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the B&W printers are located outside the law library. All printers print 8.5 X 11 (Letter) and hold two thousand pieces of paper. There is also a color printer in on the first floor of the library near the rear elevator, but note that it is not part of the law school queue and charges directly against your Flex account (no law school-provided quota). Color prints are $0.15 and copying, $0.06 for black/white printing and copying, and $0.02 for scan to email - all directly to FLEX.


Printer Location
1A - ePrint
Not available
1B - ePrint
Not available
2A - ePrint Star Commons (under the stairs)
2B - ePrint
Blue Lounge
3A - ePrint Near Classroom 3037
3B - ePrint Near Classroom 4055
3C - ePrint
Directly across from the Law Library on the third floor near the stairs
4A - ePrint Not available
4B - ePrint Not Available
4C - ePrint Level 4, directly above 3C
StudentRecords - ePrint Hallway adjacent to Student Records Office (2027)

Questions or problems: contact the Academic Technologies help desk staff at the Library Service Desk, e-mail to or call 919-613-7072.