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The following is intended to aid in your preparation for teaching this semester.

You can find additional information on the Teaching and Learning page and workshop videos on a variety of teaching tools, course and assessment design, and Zoom tips and security at this OIT Keep Teaching page. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with questions, comments or suggestions, now or at any time during the semester. Also take advantage of the Academic Technologies Helpdesk whenever you have a question about technology at the law school (919-613-7072,, Law-HelpDesk in Outlook).

Important start-of-semester tasks:

  • Publish your Sakai site before the semester begins or contact to have them do so.
  • Reach out to to schedule a training session via Zoom.
  • Familiarize yourself with your assigned classroom and run through a typical class session to get familiar with your teaching workflow.
  • Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance with loading programs on your office desktop computer or laptop.

Scheduled Class Recordings (Panopto):

ALL Spring semester classes will be scheduled to record in Panopto. We will schedule according to the date, time, and location set forth by the Registrar at the beginning of the semester. However, as a default, all students enrolled in your course will not have access to any class recordings, and the Panopto tool will be hidden from student view within individual Sakai course sites (unless otherwise requested).


Send all access requests along with your course number to or contact your faculty assistant for help.

  • OPEN-ACCESS: Allows all students enrolled in your course access to your entire semester of recordings.
  • RESTRICTED-ACCESS: Allow specific students access to individual recordings on a case-by-case basis.
  • OPT-OUT: If you would like to opt-out of recording your classes altogether.

Any modifications to the dates, times, or locations of your class recordings, during the semester, must be relayed to the Instructional Technologies Consulting team so that adjustments can be made within the Panopto system in a timely fashion. This applies to requesting recordings for additional make-up classes and review sessions.

While in the classroom, please be mindful of the following:

  • Recordings start and end promptly at the designated dates and times, and follow the computer’s internal clock. Please do not rely on the clock hanging on the classroom wall as a precise measure for recording times.
  • The Panopto system continuously records 2 video streams:
    • 1 – Camera feed (selected via the Crestron panel).
    • 1 – Source feed (selected via the Crestron panel -- i.e., Computer, Laptop, DocCam, etc.).
  • Private one-on-one conversations (before and/or after class) have the potential of being recorded if they happen within the designated recording timeframe.
  • The Source feed will continue to record as well, so be mindful of any work done on the in-room computer and/or laptop while hooked into the classroom system (i.e., web-browsing, checking email accounts, etc.)

General items for your attention:

  1. Sakai (online course management). Please refer to our instructional Sakai site – Duke Law: Online. This tutorial site is open to the Duke Law community, and we encourage all instructors and their assistants to view the instructional contents before building out their course sites. Sakai requests and questions, both routine and advanced, can be sent to
  2. Course Email Lists. We use Sakai to provide you with email lists to communicate with your classes; however, you (or, alternatively, your assistant or must publish your Sakai site before your students will receive ANY email sent to the email list. You can view your email list address by going to your Sakai site and clicking on “Email Archive” in the left menu. When you email your class, please be careful – your email client may think you want to email the class list from a previous semester and may fill that address in – you can usually just edit that entry for the current semester.
  3. Publishing and publicizing your Sakai site. Please let us know when you have published your site by sending an email to We have a list of published sites (and live email lists) at:

    We regularly check for published sites at the beginning of the semester, but your assistance will help us to keep that page accurate and up to date.
  4. In-class recording in Panopto. The classroom desktop Panopto application may be used for ad hoc recordings. Classroom 4040 does not have a Panopto appliance, meaning that recordings will have to be started and stopped manually using the Panopto app.Instructional Technologies Consulting will be happy to provide training to faculty and their assistants.

    Instructional Technologies Consulting does not have the resources to edit class recordings - recordings will start and end at your designated class time in the designated room. If there are changes to days, times, and location, please let Instructional Technologies Consulting know as soon as possible. Please make sure to coordinate with your administrative assistant to share recordings with individual students upon request.

  5. Training and classroom assistance. Academic Technologies staff members are available to answer questions and concerns via Zoom. Please contact the Help Desk or Instructional Technologies Consulting for available slots. For urgent problems with classroom technology, please call the Classroom Support Hotline at 919-613-7249 (all A/V-capable classrooms have a phone for this purpose). The Crestron A/V system in some rooms also has a “Help!” button. Please note that our staff is always available for training and to respond to classroom issues, but we are not staffed sufficiently to be able to meet instructors in their classrooms “just in case.”

    Scharf Hall will have a support person stationed in the split side of the hall. Phone calls to the Hotline (919-613-7249) will be relayed to anyone scheduled for that meeting space.

    A description of technology available in the classrooms is available here:
  6. Additional resources available for integrating law and technology issues. If you would like help from Academic Technologies with integrating a technology component into an assignment or activity for students, please refer to the Duke Law: Online Sakai site or contact the Help Desk.
  7. Laptops and your classroom. Laptops may prove to be a valuable tool if the classroom technology fails. If you have questions, please consult with Instructional Technologies Consulting on utilizing any tech or devices for teaching.
  8. Equipment in the classroom. Please do not move A/V equipment on your own. Much of the equipment is not designed to be disconnected, and the next person who needs to use the equipment may not be able to reconnect it themselves. If the A/V equipment is a hindrance to your teaching, please discuss options with Instructional Technologies Consulting If there are immediate issues, please use the Classroom Support Hotline (919-613-7249). We recommend restarting the classroom computer and turning off the projector or screen at the end of every class.

If circumstances later require online or hybrid teaching, please find resources on Teaching and Learning website. Academic Technologies will provide guidance on any possible transition.