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Speaker and Event Recording

It is the law school's policy to selectively record and preserve lectures and presentations within the confines of the Law School. As early as possible in the course of planning conferences, lectures, or other events, all sponsoring groups should consult with Instructional Technologies Consulting to determine what kinds of resources might be needed. Recordings are archived on our video page.

Under some circumstances, event planners will need to budget for the costs of Instructional Technologies Consulting (camera operators, equipment rentals, production, etc.). Event sponsors are also responsible for obtaining Speaker Release Forms (.pdf) from all speakers prior to the event. A Speaker Release Form is required from each participant for events that Instructional Technologies Consulting records.

*Note that we only support events that are held in the law school building.

Q: We have an event scheduled and would like someone from Instructional Technologies Consulting to be in the room in case there are problems.
A: Our staffing level does not allow us to have someone in the room “just in case.” By prior arrangement, we can meet your speakers before the event or between sessions to make sure that they can present materials on the in-room computer or on their own laptops.

Q: You had someone in the room for the dean’s presentation. Why not this?
A: Some standing and/or high-profile events have a special level of support. This higher level of support is determined in concert with the Communications department and the Dean’s Office.

Q: Our speakers have a variety of needs for their presentations. Can we get them all met?
A: In order to avoid a bad experience, ask your speakers to: a) send their files in advance so that the files can be put on the in-room computer in advance and tested; or b) be responsible for their own laptop, including any necessary adapters, to connect to a VGA cable or optionally (in some rooms) an hdmi cable leading to our projector. If your speakers have any other needs beyond projection and sound please contact us via well in advance of your event.

Q: I have the presentations for some of my speakers. Can I just send them to you?
A: The best thing is for you to install and test them on the in-room computer yourself. That way, you know what’s there and how to access it. We are happy to meet with you in the classroom before your event to assist you in installing and testing.

Video Conferencing

Duke Law provides various options for video conferencing for students, staff, and faculty. Instructional Technologies Consulting supports set up and testing for courses, special lectures, and interviews that must be handled via video conference.  Please use our video conference request form for Media support.

Q: I have a guest lecturer who will need to be linked in via video conference. Can I count on you to set this up?
A: We can assist in finding the best option for a video conference for your class and will help in the testing, set-up, and training for your and/or your staff. Please fill out this video conference request form in order for us to find the best solution and support model: If less than a week before your videoconference, fill out the form and then contact to discuss your needs.

Classroom and Lecture Recording

Instructors shall determine whether their classes may be recorded. Students must request permission of the instructor to record a class, whether the request is for audio or video recording.

Please see the page on DukeCapture for current options for recording.

Q: How can I make sure my students hear me in a classroom? Or make sure I am heard on my class recordings?
A: Each classroom is outfitted with a series of microphones. In the larger rooms such as 3037, 3041, & 3043, it is important to wear a lavaliere style mic for amplification to larger class sizes. In the smaller rooms, 4044, 4045, & 4046, there are no lavalieres in the room drawers; microphones hanging from the ceiling are for recordings only. We suggest wearing a mic, when available, or standing at the podium when your class is being recorded. In most smaller rooms, your voice will be recorded even if you are not in front of the podium.

Q: Is it necessary to have someone meet me before every class to get it recorded?
A: If you wish to have every class recorded, please contact to have it scheduled. We can set up a recording folder and schedule a time for training on classroom recording preparation.

Video Cameras

The Academic Technologies department has several digital cameras available for the use of the law school community for class related projects as well as law school sponsored events. Arrangements for borrowing the video recording equipment can be made by request to Equipment is generally lent with the intent that it stay within the law school building.

Video Production

The Scheinman Media Lab is available to all faculty, students, and staff for video-based projects for coursework or projects that may not be directly related to class. If you have a project you would like to develop, feel free to contact Instructional Technologies Consulting for consultation. Video can be a valuable teaching tool, a powerful method of training and a dynamic way to convey an idea.

Events Sponsored by Outside Groups

The Academic Technologies Department provides limited direct video support for outside groups that contract for the use of law school facilities. Law school contacts for such events should consult with us during the process of negotiation with outside groups in order to be sure that Academic Technologies can supply or arrange for support needed. Outside groups will be charged for the costs of law school media support, either directly by Academic Technologies or through the general agreement to use the law school facilities.